Successful treatment post an Intervention

Successful treatment post an Intervention

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. We hope you – dear reader / visitor – are taking all precautions to stay safe from the Coronovirus. Though data shows many of those who tested postive and recovered from the illness after hospitalization, there is also emerging data that points out to a whole host of post-hospitalization complications arising from the illness. Here’s a link to a recent news report. Stay healthy, stay safe.

Our latest posts here on our blog had focussed on the subject of Intervention. In the series, we looked at:

  • What is Intervention
  • The necessity for Intervention
  • The intervention process
  • The types of Intervention

In this last post, we will touch upon the subject of treatment post Intervention.

As we said, an intervention is said to be successful when the addict enters a rehabilitation centre and is put on a strict regimen of treatment. Both patient and family will have their hopes riding high on a successful outcome, so the rehabilitation centre must ensure the best possible treatment at the very first instance.

A side question is: What happens if the Intervention fails?

Well, for one, the addict would have been told that certain behaviors will not be tolerated and he himself will realize that his pattern of deception cannot continue.

Secondly, since the addict has been provided information about the treatment options during the intervention, there is a chance that the attitude may change and the addict may himself volunteer for treatment sooner than later.

The decision to seek treatment by the addict could make all the difference between the chance for reformation or further deterioration.

There are many treatment options post admittance into a rehabilitation program.

We have touched upon these in our past posts:

  • Treatment
  • Treatment Plan
  • Towards a successful Treatment

We have also written about the possibility of the addict suffering from relapse and what are the treatment options in this post here.

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