visitor counter script
visitor counter script

In our recent posts you would have read about the personal journey of Dr Benedict Reddy and his painful journey that gave birth to the establishment of Kripa Revival Centre as a trusted place for those caught in the vice like grip of drugs & their dependency.

In trying to convey the core mission of Kripa Revival Centre, a logo was needed for the institution.

The hallmark of a good logo should be in its simplicity, easy identification with the entity’s mission and how easily can people relate to it.

It’s a known fact that for people caught in the vice like grip of dependency with alcohol, drugs etc they need help, unconditional support & motivation. They may feel that their lives are out of control and they are slowly sinking into quicksand, with no one to lift them out.

“Helping hands are holier than lips that pray” is a proverb that many of us have read often. For such people, Kripa Revival Centre is the proverbial lifeline, a helpful hand to lift them out of the quagmire, and a non-judgemental friend who understands and helps the afflicted to turn life around.

Keeping this in perspective, here’s our helping hand logo. Isn’t it beautiful?


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