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Hello once again. On our Kripa Blog here, we continue our focus on addiction. Are there stages to addiction? Let’s see in this post.

Drugs are chemical substances that alter brain structure / chemistry, affecting user feelings and sensory perceptions and change the bodily functions.

Addiction to drugs rarely happens overnight; it is a multistage process.

The First Stage is when a person gets introduced to a drug and he spends time thinking how & when they will get to use it again. Soon, his body develops a tolerance to it and he finds himself needing more of it to get the same ‘high’ effect.

In the Second Stage, there is a Psychological Dependence on the drug and the user gets upset, angry, irritated if it’s not used often. The compulsion here borders on physical addiction.

In the Third Stage, the user gets Physically Dependent on drugs. If, for some reason the drugs are stopped, the body experiences strong withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, sweating, shaking or seizures.

In the Fourth Stage is full blown drug addiction, a condition where there is a compulsive need to seek and obtain the drug of choice. At this stage, there is the danger of physical illness, the threat of violence, exposure to crime, the destruction of personal relationships and the loss of personal integrity.

At this stage, a drug user cannot ask for help as his brain has been affected by physical changes to its structure & chemistry. Thinking rationally and clearly is out of bounds. Only his family, employer, social organisations or the law can intervene.

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