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Substance use disorder, as we have written in our recent posts, is a disease that affects a person’s brain, behavior and makes them unable to either control or stop using substances such as alcohol and drugs.

How can you tell if someone is suffering from—or headed toward—an addictive disease? Here are some of the common signs to watch for:


– School / College / Work absence & declining performance reports;

– Sudden hyperactivity; including talkativeness;

– Irritation & aggressiveness about comments on alcohol & drugs;

-Bring secretive & closely guarded over habits;

– Memory lapses / losses; mood swings;

– Withdrawal from friends, the usual crowd, and a completely new set of friends;

– Cryptic posts on social media;

– Sudden requests for money for no valid reason; or the discovery of missing money + valuables.


– Bloodshot eyes, a glazed look, dilated pupils;

– Unconcerned about physical appearance;

– Unusual body / clothes odours;

– Slowed or staggering walk; poor physical coordination;

– Frequent illnesses & visits to doctors;

– Changes in health: coughing, eye or nose problems, sleep or weight changes.

On noticing such changes in your child / relative / friend / colleague, you need to become aware of the problem and act quickly to address it.

We will talk more about the options in our next post. Stay tuned!

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