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In our recent two posts, here & here, we first defined addiction and then opined whether it is a disease.

Let’s see the prevalence & impact of addiction in summary form before we proceed to our next posts on detection of the symptoms.

Alcoholism and drug addiction are two versions of the same disease— substance use disorders.

The impact of chemical substances on the still developing brains of children, pre teens and teens can cause lifelong damage.

Alcoholism and addiction are chronic, progressive diseases, characterized by craving, obsession and compulsion.

Body, mind, and spirit will be affected and impaired. Especially addicts will resort to ‘denial’, which slows or prevents treatment.

Alcoholism and addiction indirectly affect families on several aspects – psychological, social, emotional, financial and economic.

Addiction cannot yet be cured, but it can be treated and managed. Addiction, like other diseases, can be prevented, and when it is treated the way we treat other diseases, those in its clutches can be freed to live long, full, healthy lives.

Prevention is the most effective known treatment.

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