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Hello! The last few posts, as we hope you have read, were focused on Addiction. In the event you find a loved one addicted to substances, you might find yourself experiencing a range of emotions – anger, sadness, disappointment, frustration etc. Remember, you are as human as the addicted one is and you should allow yourself these feelings. As you move on, you need a systematic & compassionate manner of addressing the issue. Here are a few guidelines:

What To Do

  • Be calm & honest speaking to them about their behavior, its effect on the family & the consequences of their acts;
  • Establish a healthy atmosphere; do not neglect the substance abuser in family life, to the extent possible;
  • Encourage him/her  in new interests and participate in leisure time activities that the person enjoys;
  • Encourage a connect with old friends & acquaintances;
  • Explain alcoholism and drug abuse as a treatable illness to the children in the family. Tell them to extend a hand helping the person with family cooperation & support;
  • Read about substance abuse, attend support groups and let your loved one know;
  • Discuss the situation with a trusted friend, colleague, a priest, a social worker, a counselor, or someone you know who has experienced drug and alcohol abuse personally;
  • Be patient. Take things one day at a time. Recovery does not occur overnight;
  • Try to accept setbacks and relapses with calmness and understanding.

What Not To Do

  •  Do not attempt to punish, threaten, bribe, or preach;
  •  Avoid emotional appeals – this may increase feelings of guilt and the compulsion to drink/use;
  • Be factual to the person about substance abuse and its consequences;
  • Do not cover up or make excuses
  • Don’t take over their responsibilities;
  • Don’t argue when they have been drinking/using;
  • Don’t drink/use in front of the person, even if you don’t have a problem;
  • Above all, don’t feel guilty or responsible for their behavior.

We hope you find the above guidelines useful to you. Should you require any further assistance, please do not hesitate to call Kripa Revival Centre on 98453 10070.

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