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Welcome back! As we mentioned in our previous posts, addiction is a disease that affects a person’s brain and his behaviour. Addiction starts as a voluntary act, an experiment of sorts and then slowly progresses to becoming a repeat, recurrent and compulsive behaviour by the addict.

The question is: Can addiction be treated? Definitely, yes. But it’s not so simple. Being a chronic disease is not as easy as switching a button on or off. An addict cannot stop using drugs for a few days and claim he is cured. With the right treatment and support, change is possible. Treatment will depend on the drug abused and related complications. Recovery is never out of reach, no matter how difficult or however many times one has tried and failed before. Follow-ups over the long term is important to prevent relapse, recover and become clean.  Its a long road to recovery but it certainly possible.

To be a success, treatment should help an addict:

  • stop using drugs;
  • stay drug free; and
  • become a productive member of the family, at work and society.

In our next post, we will discuss the principles on which an effective treatment program depends on.

Thank you for reading our posts. Feel free to share our blog URL to anybody who will benefit from our articles.

And remember, don’t delay calling Kripa Revival Centre on 9845310070 in case you know someone who needs help for his addiction. Your decision can make all the difference!

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