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Welcome! Here at Kripa Blog, we want you  to find our articles of help to you in understanding all about substance abuse – whether drugs or alcohol – and aspects related to it.

In this post, we address a basic question – just What is Addiction? We will devote a couple of posts on this & related topics.

The term ‘addiction’ comes from the Latin word ‘addicere’ meaning ‘to assign’.

By definition then, addiction is when a person assigns their time & energy towards a particular / specific activity.

In the context of substance use, addiction can be simply defined as a strong inclination towards a particular substance or activity.

To amplify the context, addiction can take on many aspects. It can involve:

– a strong need or desire
– a compulsive craving
– an uncontrollable seeking
– an inability to stop doing or using something
– a strong dependency
– a repeated involvement

Addiction is a complex pyschological condition. It is a brain disease that manifests itself in a uncontrollable need to use substances despite knowing it is harmful to the user. Addicts will keep taking or using drugs or consuming alcohol even when they know it will cause problems. Repeated addiction over a period of time will eventually lead to illnesses and an untimely death.

In the next post, we will throw some more light on addiction, how to spot its symptoms and share information  about its treatment, which is our area of expertise. Keep visiting here and reading. Thank you!

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