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Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Just to give you, dear readers, a heads up – our second real life story is coming up. We are incredibly grateful to John (name changed on request) for sharing his life story for our benefit. As with our first real life story about Anand, we found some common ground with John’s life story too. Here they are:

1. It begins at a young age, invariably in school, with bad company and peer pressure. A puff here, a puff there, children are hooked for a long time. The web of deceit begins.

2. When it builds up and comes to the notice of the family, addiction has caught hold and the family is taken unawares. Pain, disappointment and anxiety build to intolerable levels.

3. The addicts work & productive life goes into shambles. As a result, his personal and family life are affected irretrievably.

4. Brushes with the law, visits to jail & institutions are standard. If not treated, death is a certainty!

5. The addict is caught in a web of self destruction. His thinking has eroded and his body begins to literally eat him inside out.

6. His only deliverance is an intervention by his family or friends or well-wishers in setting him up for treatment. At this point in time, the addict’s self worth and confidence has hit rock bottom and she has almost given up hope of a normal life.

7. While in rehabilitation, the recognition that he is powerless dawns on him and he realises his precarious situation. Only his own desire to change his life for the better will save him.

8. Ultimately, it is God’s Grace and his willpower alone that will help him stick to sobriety and ensure recovery.
Once clean, it takes tremendous willpower to stay sober.

9. Repeated & effusive expression of gratitude to a higher power, supporters who stood by him and blessings of well wishers become the bedrock of his changed life.

Stay tuned as we post John’s story soon.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Kripa Revival Centre on 9845310070 if you know someone who needs help overcoming substance abuse. Don’t delay or procrastinate‚Ķ.hurry!

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