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Born as the eldest child in a typical Indian middle class family, Dr. Benedict Reddy, Founder, Kripa Revival Centre, had responsibility and role model behaviour expected from him from a young age.  Sadly, in high school, with peer pressure getting the better of him, he got into the habit of smoking first and then was initiated & began experimenting with drugs. The latter held him in a vice like grip and he became addicted, slowly but surely. Unable to kick the habit, he found himself resorting to other bad habits to keep the addiction alive. His parents found out his vices leading to a lot of unhappiness at home. Determined to stand on his feet, Dr. Benedict Reddy took to working odd jobs while attending college in the evenings.

Even as he worked hard to finish his studies and struggled to stand on his own feet, he fell in love with his life partner, taking on an additional responsibility. With a lot of difficulty, he finished his studies and graduated from college with a Degree in Commerce. Circumstances went from bad to worse at home and the resulting tension drove him to drinking binges and drug overdosing. Checking in and out of psychiatric and psychologists run de-addiction centers almost became a routine. During these dark moments, Dr Reddy found himself beaten and out, convinced there was no hope of recovery. The only silver linings in the cloud was his budding family and the encouragement and support he got from a long time employer.

Finally, with determination & commitment, the lights began to turn on and he overcame the trauma. The Epiphany he experienced then answered his question as to why his life had turned out the way it did. When he looked back, he saw a pre-destined path that he had carved out in a dark forest before he reached a clearing, full of light and God’s love. He knew others needed to be shown the path and helped along, rather than cast off.

That ‘clearing’ is now Kripa Revival Centre, 12 years in the running, an oasis in a parched mindscape for those afflicted with despair & hopelessness, a haven of peace & comfort for the needy, helpless & hapless. There is no other centre like it in Bangalore, as dedicated and committed to the welfare of its patients.

Coming up next, a Q & A session with Dr . Benedict Reddy, Founder, Kripa Revival Centre.

Contact Kripa Revival Centre on 98453 10070 if you or someone you know needs help!

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