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Greetings! In our previous post on the do’s and dont’s when addressing addicts / addiction, we recommended caregivers to ‘discuss the situation with someone you trust’ to help relieve anxiety & worry. However, expert advice must be sought for an effective solution to the issue and the addict treated for the illness.

The following professionals, especially when they have expertise & experience with substance use disorders, can be of valuable help.

Physicians: A family doctor can diagnose and treat alcoholism to a limited degree. Usually, he will help the addict manage the medical consequences of heavy drinking,  and may prescribe medication for alcoholism.

Psychiatrists: Medical doctors who may be specialized in addiction psychiatry.

Psychologists: Their experience spent in a mental health setting providing psycho-therapeutic care and psychological testing will help assess the substance abuser.

Social workers: Social workers provide a full range of mental health services including assessment, diagnosis, and treatment.

Family therapists: Family therapists offer guidance to people who are dealing with issues that affect their mental health and well-being. Many therapists offer holistic solutions using ‘wellness’ as a focus rather than ‘illness’.

Addiction Counselors: An addiction counselor is a mental health professional who provides counseling services and support to recovering alcoholics and addicts. They help addicts work through their issues so they can attain and maintain a drug-free existence.

We at Kripa Revival Centre are pleased to inform you that we offer all the services of professionals / services listed above, under one roof. Don’t wait or postpone your decision to intervene on behalf of the addict. Recovery is never out of reach for the ones who are trapped in addiction. Call us now on 9845310070!

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