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True Life Stories: John, Part 2

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Here’s the second and concluding part of our real life story on John: The first stirring of responsibility dawned on John when he realised the harm he was inflicting on himself. John got himself admitted into rehabilitation programmes over a period of 2 – 6 years; none of them really […]

True Life Stories: John, Part 1

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Here’s the second of our real life stories. We feature John (name changed in order to protect privacy) in this story. Let’s be contrarian this time and start at the end. John is in his early 50’s, of average height and build, with strong arms, and a helpful demeanour. His […]

A parallel life story

Greetings from Kripa Revival Centre. Just to give you, dear readers, a heads up – our second real life story is coming up. We are incredibly grateful to John (name changed on request) for sharing his life story for our benefit. As with our first real life story about Anand, we found some common ground […]

Part 2 of True Life Story: Anand

In a last ditch attempt, Anand checked into rehab through self help groups like Alcoholic Anonymous & Narcotics Anonymous. An ardous journey that lasted all of 2years and by God’s grace and the people who work through him, it transformed him into a changed man. It’s been 17years now, he’s clean and proud of the […]

True Life Story: Anand

Born in a conservative family and raised on morals & ethical values, Anand* was expected to be responsible & caring. At school, he excelled at sports and in particular, made a name for himself as a high jumper. To represent India was his dream & goal. He worked hard and passing out of school, he […]

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